Chelsea Market

I‘ve noticed I made a blog for the sheer purpose of having one for my website and sorta just abandoned it.  This blog though isn’t just about me, I’m also interested in you! So feel free to comment on what you have to say or ask. Any opinions are welcome. I apologize in advanced for the length but do not worry…I will provide pictures to break it up!

One of my favorite things to draw are marketplaces. Call me crazy for having enough patience to draw something so cluttered, but I actually like the aesthetics of repetition and pattern. So let’s start off with something to venture off into! One of my inspirations and favorite places to revisit in NYC, Chelsea Market.

Located between 15th and 16th st along 9th ave, this market is ideal for drawing interior design, especially when themed around holidays. It could also be the great aged speck they sell, the grocery marts that offer a variety of uncommon goods, the  underground and rustic feel, the art gallery on display, the warm open concourse, and the diverse eateries!. . . .pshew.

And as promised, pictures! All photo content belongs to me.

On the way out, you can also collect these pretty vintage souvenirs!

If you want to find out more about Chelsea Market, check out the website,

I think it’s about time I end this trip. Expect more updates hopefully with new works in progress. Whether it be travel logs, food logs, lincoln logs, etc. Thanks for reading. Feel free to comment…and ENJOY! ~


One comment on “Chelsea Market

  1. ming wang
    August 18, 2010

    ohhhh fancy picture love the photo. it feel like 18 century underground market. make me wanna go n start my own adventure blog since i also explore. well cant wait for next update.

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