Retro Babyy

I assure you, I’m still alive. And at ungodly hours, I’m still awake.

Lately, I’ve been inspired from random moments I’ve locked into memory. I’m babysitting 3 adorable kids and a dog.When I first met the middle child, I had an image come to mind. The picture below isn’t her though, just inspired by her.

Here’s the quick pencils, first.

I was experimenting with texture and color palletes.

I like to call her RETRO BABY. Even though she’s more of a toddler..but Retro Toddler doesn’t sound as catchy as RETRO BABY! >:D









An oold scan from 2 summers ago that I figured I’d retouch. I don’t have a name for this one..

“Is that a deer..or a lamb?”

“Lamb, it is!”

You lose details and it gets blurry when minimized :< I’d suggest full viewing it.

I kinda BS’d the background on the sketch, so I edited it and changed the face up.

That’s it for now, my fluffy ones. Hopefully the next update won’t be another month or so from now. :/


One comment on “Retro Babyy

  1. ming wang
    November 15, 2010

    is that penguin hahaha i just hear a joke other day. a midget having sex with midget nun and the priest said no that is a penguin, my son. anyway awesome color technique more, more updated.

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