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Parodies are always fun to make, in my opinion. I’ve always confused parody and satire. But to clarify a bit more…parodies are imitations through visual or literary works mocking the original out of pure boredom or to be witty, etc etc. It can also combine elements of different sources.

Satire, I believe, is more direct and doesn’t necessarily involve an imitation of the original source. The intent of satire is mostly to prove a point through mockery or ridicule of something.

Here are some assignments done in class of parody. Referenced from this.

And an editted retro version(minus the needle) to match the mid-1960’s hippies movement. Probably would’ve been a convenient product. ; )

WARNING: The content below could be considered NSFW.

Couldn’t find the original poster as reference. So I settled with this.

All original content is © to their respectful owners. Artwork © me.


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