Anything with an  ” •–•” expression of the like can look oh so cute! Even if they are things that normally would make you cringe and vomit.

It’s iconic. And the most common icon. In shopping bags, in plug-in outlets, in tape cassettes, houses, bags, etc. You won’t ever unsee it! But if you add two real eyes and a mouth on something, like the annoying orange, then it just looks frightening.

I  sewed a dumpling and decided to make another one in case it got lonely. I used old key chain rings and inserted eyelets on the holes. Their expressions seem rather blank, because I’d be rather confused if I was a dumpling  hanging on a key chain piercing.

I’m thinking of selling these if I make an etsy account. If anyone happens to read this, tell me if you’re interested. :)


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This entry was posted on January 28, 2011 by in Crafts and tagged , , .
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