Crocheted Hats

I recently became interested in crochet after watching a video in threadbanger. I was so eager enough, that I bought the wrong size hook and yarn at first. |:

I learned basic crochet stitches from  internet videos and tried teaching myself how. The first thing I’ve ever made was a hat. I started with patterns offered from the internet. Later I tried to add my own elements to it and combine different stitches.

The first hat I’ve made, with the help of this tutorial, ended up looking like a beret instead.

Next pattern was great. At first sight I was completely dumbfounded trying to define each crochet abbreviation.  So I took a break. One year later, I decided to try again at the pattern, and this time I actually understood it!

I became more confident enough so I made one for a friend. I crocheted a bow and sewed on a button to add to it.

Next was a hybrid of the last pattern and the Kingston Cap. It’s got hoooles.

I’m still learning more crochet techniques. But until then, I bid you g’nite..or rather g’morning.


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