A Tribute

Pardon my 4-day delay. -_-  My original draft was deleted by a random click of a button. So here’s what I managed to remember.

Upon hearing the President’s speech, statuses of Osama bin Laden’s death infiltrated the media and network feeds exponentially. Although it is a tremendous relief, it is also just one less concern in a world of corrupt influences. People gathered around to share their grievances over their loved ones. 10 years later, we celebrate over the death of the most wanted terrorist responsible for roughly 3,000 deaths on that Tuesday morning. Over a night’s notice of Osama’s death, the reactions of some people I found most inspiring. Helicopters swarmed the perimeters of the site. People camped with picnic baskets and blankets, uniting in harmonious glee. Front pages of Osama’s death now pinned to the barricades that stand between history and its readers.

My whole life I have been a resident of NYC.  And throughout my childhood, never have I lifted my head up to the twin towers in front of me. And now from where I work, I pass by the site of it all, always looking up to the remains and construction. I managed to take a picture through the passing crowds nearby Ground Zero. They removed the headlines down after two days.

For those who have lost someone special or suffered from trauma of witnessing the attacks, I greatly respect your valor and diligence through the years. For the Pakistani allies that helped in the leads on Osama, I commend you and show my token of appreciation. And for the men and women that fought beside our country, I look up to you as timeless heroes. As for the rest, I raise a glass and toast for the victory and the hope for an end on terrorism.

This is only just a closing to a long-winded chapter and the start of a new one. The rest is written down in history. And you, are its cowriters.


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