Sweet deals

Whenever I feel down, food is one of the comforts that cheers me up incredibly. I’ve been craving for something sweet and sour.  I’ve been on a mission to try out every single sour food there is. So far, semi-unripe tamarind is the sourest thing I’ve eaten. It’s a shame I can only find the ripe sweet ones these days.

One of my favorite sour little fruits is the Philippine calamansi. Petite, tangy, and sour at times. Much like myself.

Squeeze calamansi with honey and dilute it with a bit of water to make a nice cold or warm beverage!

Now for some candy. I recently bought these Willy Wonka sweets. I went to the massive Toys R’ Us store at Times Square and saw them being sold for a bit over 6$. As much as I love candy, I wouldn’t buy them there. Fortunately,  they were being sold at a local .99 cents store for only.. .79 cents! Of course, I bought 4 boxes…

The grapefruit jellies have a reminiscent taste to the sugary Sunkist oranges gems. The marvels one may look like eggs. But these tiny eggs have a sweet powdery hard surface, and a sour jelly yolk in the inside.

You also can’t forget about chocolate. Can’t pass on a sale in Lindt stores! I was lucky to  find a few regular milk chocolate flavors hiding in a bag full of the chocolate mousse.

These perfectly wrapped chocolate shells filled with creamy fluffy  mousse is a perfect way to end the day.


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