Steampunked w. Burnt Umber

Lately, I’ve been doing nothing but cleaning, crocheting hats, preparing simple cuisines, watching reruns of The Nanny and Everybody Loves Raymond, as well as babysitting kids–Have I become a quasi-approved housewife?

OK. I’ve been more confident now in making my own hat patterns without improvising free patterns I’ve found.  So with trial and error, I think I made up a decent one!

It’s nothing too fancy though.   I’ve written down the pattern as I went along with it, but I forgot to total the amount of stitches for each round. So I’ll provide a tutorial in the future once I remake it.  Also, apologies for the lack of quality in some of the images. I cannot keep a steady hand when taking pictures at times.

‘Til next time, folks! ;D


2 comments on “Steampunked w. Burnt Umber

  1. Colleen Burwell
    April 29, 2012

    i was wondering if i could get this pattern please email it to
    thank you love the hats

    • inkstainedsheep
      May 10, 2012

      Hi Colleen! I am still trying to remake the hat actually, I forgot to record the number of stitches for each round. I am not sure how soon I’ll be able to remake it due to work and whatnot, but hopefully soon! And thank you so much!

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