Someone throw a dog in the catfight.

Dear MTA and fellow New Yorkers,

I’ve been noticing a lot of angry statuses regarding the poor services of the MTA. I’ve always tried to look up to the workers and give them credibility.  Honestly, we’d be screwed without their services. I admire their efforts and efficiency, that is, when they are on top of things. There’s a lot of pointing fingers when there is not a train/bus in service, or if delays precede over convenience. and it’s always pointed towards the MTA. I admit, they aren’t the best at giving advanced notifications in certain stations sometimes, when they change route midway or when they decide to show up more than an hour late. But who’s to say they should carry all the blame? Note that there are also delays caused by numerous factors: people running in between sliding doors, crowded subway lines, or people causing a ruckus in between carts–including your occasional cat fights.

Here’s a story. A true story for that matter. I was delayed on a subway line because of a cat fight between two women, who looked roughly in their teens. It was ridiculous. The two women  practically threw themselves at each other on the seats. Of course, the train passengers bustled towards the opposite end, some provoking more tension with their ya-hoos and their hoo-has.

One of the women was immensely engaged in her fight, completely unaware that her chest was hanging out from her shirt! Meanwhile, the other was missing a whole patch of hair left in the middle of the train corridor. (One can honestly use the term “cat fight”, when someone actually sheds their hair during the squabble.) Save the drama within the perimeters of your own personal space and don’t let it interfere with the lives of total strangers. Those who even calmly approached them, to divert the altercation someplace else, were verbally assaulted by the women. If you don’t want people to get involved, then don’t publicize it.

Also, there are numerous trash left on the floors. The subway is not a pigpen. It is not a sink to spill unfinished liquids. And it certainly isn’t a place to act out your personal drama. Yes, it is the MTA’s duty to clean up the trains at the last stop. But it is your job as a civilized human being to clean up after yourself.

Now this isn’t to say that the MTA isn’t erroneous in itself. I’ve waited for buses/subways for more than an hour without any notification. I’m not just speaking for myself, because I know there are others that can relate. Sadly, it won’t ever fully satisfy travellers and there will always be problems that arise. For the meantime, we can try to pool our efforts to make it better for ourselves, or at least make it a more pleasant ride.

Your friendly spokesperson,



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