Teacup crochet

What better way than to make your favorite tea into something light and fluffy that won’t spill on your lap?

I would drink any flavor of tea. There are some that leave an aftertaste of corn or some that are so bitter they ironically leave your tongue dry– but I still love it! I drink more of the simple and traditional teas, though. If I could afford it,  I would buy an abundance of unique tea blends, like the Dream Tea with bits of cantaloupe at Flushing’s Rose House or the Apricot Brandy at Alice’s Tea Cup.

I’d come home carrying a load of worries, sit back, relax, and take a sip of tea. Next thing you know, my mind transcends to a placid reality where Earl Grey and Lady Grey reign over wispy chamomile fields and exotic oceans of flavors. By the last sip, I’m left staring at an empty teacup and wondering, “What I was I thinking about?…Say, another batch of tea!”

I kid. Too much tea and my bladder’s in for multiple trips.  :|

Now I can nestle the cup of tea in my hands and squeeze it. The pattern was concocted purely by trial and error. I undid the work quite a few times just trying to create my own workable pattern. I wanted to achieve the curved wavy sides of a teacup instead of having the common round shape. So here’s an old fashioned gold trimmed floral teacup. If you’re wondering what tea is inside, I was hoping for an Earl Grey milk tea.

I’m currently trying to open an etsy account to sell crafts. Once I figure out how to set things up, I’ll make a post here.



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