Summer’s Teas

Did summer already pass by–on her fancy seafoam bike? I’m still in denial that it’s already autumn (any pumpkin related goods actually sound tasty right now). Honestly, I’ve been slacking off in any blog updates because I generally want to laze about after work or watch over my dogs.

I don’t know where to start, since I haven’t updated in almost a year. A YEAR.  Let’s back track to the sleepless month of June.

A former SVA classmate invited me to take part of an art exhibit at the Cambria Heights Public Library. It was a relatively small room situated in the back, near the children’s section. Regardless, it was such a great experience. It was real fun to display artwork among highly talented artists and past colleagues. The room was filled with a mixed range of styles — western comic, abstract, and fine art. I spoke with familiar faces and met new people. I got a handful of confused faces when they found out that I was the artist. I forget, I’ve never met another filipino female named Wesley. On a side note, I learned that I’m more sociable when I’m sleep deprived.

After receiving the gallery invite, I had kept delaying my sketches (Don’t do this at home!). It wasn’t until a week prior to the exhibit when I finally sketched something. I was mainly inspired by girls and vintage bicycles.

ImageI got stumped on the initial sketch and had only 4 days left to grind out 5 pieces total. At this point, the only thing I could do was move on to the next step — watercolor!

Summers_Teas_2My attempt at making a flat watercolor background failed, so I tried to mimic tea streaks instead. Yeah, that’s it.

Summers_Teas_3This was the first time, since my years at SVA, that I spent an all-nighter. By the time I added the gouache, I started hallucinating footsteps in the corner of my eye. Those are never good.

Summer's Teas

You’d be surprised how few highlights and minor details can make a piece suddenly come together. I tried to smooth out the background a bit, as opposed to having jagged streaks running down. Also, seafoam and red are always great complimentary vintage colors! It ended up being my favorite from the ones I put on display. The hardest part was coming up with a name. So far, I like “Summer’s Teas”.



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